Ascendancy Forge

Dragons Galore and the Loot Store

Having survived mutated orcs, an undead army commanded by a beholder and not one, but two separate ambushes by an angry dragon, the party thankfully re-enters the caves and pauses to take stock of the situation. Having had little time to sort through the spoils of victory during the mad flight from ambush to ambush, the respite reveals the following items:

Aerokii — Mithral Chain (4) taken from the Ghoul.
Dixon — Power Jewel (5) that appears to have been one of the dragon’s eyes altered by the rift.
Taz — Boots of Free Movement (6) taken off a goblin recently killed by the mutated orcs.
Lantfeust — Bracers of Archery (6) pointlessly worn by an orc berserker.
Ramis — Dwarven Greaves (7) not so pointlessly worn by the same orc.
Kan-Tur — Aegis Blade (8) this is the same blade Kan-Tur was already carrying, but it seems to have been altered by the battles with the dragon.

Lantfeust’s search through the dragon’s remains for a suitable trophy turned up four items; the bejeweled eye Dixon recognized as a Power Jewel, the other eye which quickly disintegrated down to the lens which was a large sapphire, a crystalline horn, and a chunk of crystal with a light inside that pulses like a heart-beat.



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