Ascendancy Forge

Lantfeust's Journal 8

Hi Journal!

We’re underground still, in case you hadn’t noticed, and we found that river again. It’s still full of water. But it was also full of frog men. But it’s okay!! They had a weakness. Blood loss. After we dispatched (I learned that word from Ramis the other day!) them Ramis and I braved the river to do something with the seasl, though I can’t recall what did since I was busy boiling alive in the water. When I finally made it back to shore Aero was standing around poking everyones burns with a stick he found. It was a prety nice stick though.

While resting I spent time regaling the group with Elven Fun Facts! Everyone loved them, except Dixon who smells funny and is mean but it doesn’t matter cause I don’t like her and wish she had drowned in the water or at least bumped her head really hard cause that would’ve shown her. Then we reached a door which attacked Taz and Canter. Then some statues started hitting people, so I hit them back, saving the day.

I have to go now Journal. Ramis just agreed to get off of me (He had tackled me see and wasn’t letting me up) if I promised to stop singing the Elven national anthem, which makes sense, since it takes 4 hours to sing the first section, with the 2nd section being 8 hours of free jazz. We probably don’t have the time. Or the bagpipes.

Good bye for now Journal!



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