Ascendancy Forge

Lily's Journal 3

Dear Journal,

My companions and I continue on your journey with the Dwarves and are doing our absolute best to assist them, as any good group of people would do. A particularly nasty group of undead rodents and some other undead fiends waylaid us in a forest. We dispatched them with our usual effectiveness, myself having managed o end the life of a beholder. Believing we could manage to get out of the forest before dark, we pressed on. Unfortunately this led us right into the paths of two dragons, neither of which were happy to see us. We first focused our attention on the smaller o the two, a blue dragon, which promptly fled from the field of battle after receiving a few grievous wounds. The second foe, a white dragon, was apparently displeased with us due to our having killed its mother, which is understandable. Since white dragons are notoriously poor in terms of intelligence ans wits, we all realized talking was not an option, especially as it was consumed with rage over our matricide. As the poor creature got nearer and nearer to death it became more and more viciously desperate, attempting mayhem on my allies. I thus took it upon myself to leap out of my superior vantage point and call upon the aid of my stalwart symbiote, Leechfeust, who proceeded to spew acid into the dragons eyes. The acid appeared to seep right through the dragons ocular orifices and right into tis brain cavity, rendering it deceased in moments. We now stand at the threshold to an underground cave and I can only begin to guess what trials and tribulations await us. I only know that my companions and I shall face it together, bravely standing next to one another no matter the odds.

While I cannot recall what possessed me to write in you previously in crayon and berry juice, rest assured such a thing will not happen again. In fact, reading my previous entries I find myself genuinely concerned with whatever possessed me previously. I pray that whatever it was, it will not return.



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