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Sphere of Influence

Near a fortnight has passed since your arrival in Breaker’s Haven. The town is hardly a metropolis, but most services you could find in Rimevale are present here, as well. [Feel free to use any cash you had saved and upgrade or just swap-out a single item at full value. I got ahead of the curve with treasure so this last batch of sessions was deliberately stingy.]

Wilmon has been busy solidifying ties and extending Rimevale’s sphere of influence. He has managed to make contact with Jason Farlan, the druid, who relayed news from Rimevale. It seems that Eisedeshe managed to ambush Kobbiskemsko and severely wound him. He escaped, but he is in hiding while he heals. Eisedeshe is now heavily raiding K’s territory in hopes of drawing him to battle. She has not attacked Rimevale itself, but the goblinoids usually kept in check by K are pushing south to escape the dragon raids. The Rimevale militia is overtaxed and miners are being conscripted to man outposts. Productivity is down and will be until K recovers or Eisedeshe is otherwise neutralized.

The escaped slaves of the Bloodstone Pass mines report that the fortifications at the Pass have been stripped to a skeleton crew. Apparently, guards and soldiers there are being sent further into Vaasa to deal with a major uprising in the west. A raid is being planned to free all the slaves at the Bloodstone Pass mines. A few escaped slaves are arguing that Damaran forces should be recruited to retake the Pass itself for Damara.

A significant groundswell of patriotic pride has emerged among the dwarves of Breaker’s Haven, your entourage and the remaining Truehammers. The slogan “Rokee Resurgent” has started appearing frequently. You recall this was the name of the ancient kingdom Redbeard hoped to reunite. The Truehammer’s pride having been restored by Vilo’s last acts, they now see the interference by outsiders from Mulmaster as an affront. A “diplomatic” expedition is being assembled to make contact with several organizations in Mulmaster to establish back-channel ties and demonstrate Rokee’s emergence as a new power. Of course, to do so will mean that the schemer who sought to play two groups of dwarves against each other will need to die a grisly and mysterious death.

Your assistance for all of these issues is being sought. Comments are welcome.


“Oh! I haven’t assassinated anyone in AGES! Let’s help with that. I mean, we COULD help the slaves, but chances are that they’re all dirty and grimy and…well I don’t want to ruin my clothes. I have nice things.”

Sphere of Influence

Craw not sure how Mordin will be introduced but sense he is a dwarf and knowledgeable about the underground ways withing the mountains of Vaasa and the Bloodlands he wants to help to free the slaves.
Now Taz Spirit would definitely bug Lant to kill the dragon!

Sphere of Influence

Kan-Tur is motivated by personal glory and renown. He longs to be the sort of warrior who is fondly recalled in song and tale. Helping to forge a new kingdom from the ashes of an ancient empire is just what Kan-Tur is looking to do. His primary loyalty lies with Redbeard, because he gave Kan-Tur the opportunity for greatness. If the Genasi needs to get his hands dirty a few times, that’s alright too.

It’s not entirely clear to me which course of action will give Redbeard the greatest chance to lead the new kingdom. Kan-Tur wants to prevent anyone else from making a legitimate claim or arguing with the Dwarf’s authority after ascension.

Would striking a decisive blow against the threats to Rimvale help Redbeard’s cause?

Sphere of Influence

Looks like the raid into Vaasa is the winner. Freeing slaves is ballad worthy, so it gets a tie with dealing with the white dragon (who isn’t going anywhere).

Sphere of Influence

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