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Mine-master Gregor Redbeard has unexpectedly encountered a huge diamond strike. Knowing the unwanted attention this will generate, he tried to keep it quiet as long as possible as he appealed to the Vesperin capitol for additional militaryforces to patrol the area. Due to some back-channel negotiation and a bit of luck, Gregor was damed Duke of Rimevale in order to simply conscript and train his own force. He then named John Blackfoot (then mayor) as the Baron of Rime Lake and knighted Captain Lowell.

Though proud of the new titles, all three understand the fragility of their situation. An internal schism had been brewing within the dwarven community for years. There had always been a conservative sentiment among some of the dwarves that they should re-establish communication with their ancestral roots. Centuries ago, upheaval both geologic and magical fragmented an already sparse dwarven kingdom known as Rokee. Gregor had been indulging the calls for exploration in a very controlled fashion over the decades. He believed his best course of action was to cement his place as the de-facto leader of Rimevale, if not the titular head. Gregor had essentially done so and was more actively looking for remnants of the old kingdom in recent years.

Unbeknownst to Gregor, a longtime rival of his, Vilo Truehammer, had an ancient map of the southern tunnels of Rokee. Though much of the map was useless due to the upheavals, Vilo recognized that a newly discovered cavern was likely part of the old tunnels. Vilo was able to confirm his suspicion from the surface as the upheaval had simply exposed one of the old tunnels and the new “cavern” was simply one end of the exposed tunnel. Vilo found the other side of the exposed tunnel and began stockpiling supplies for an expedition. He was discovered by a team of prospecting dwarves from Mulmaster. Interested in both a chance at getting a piece of an existing diamond mine and reigniting dwarven glory, the Mulmaster dwarves threw in with clan Truehammer.

Mulmaster, being the den of corruption and espionage that it is, is not the place to keep secrets. Dwarven talk of diamonds, even in private, gets the attention of those with the means to keep tabs on interesting factions. One such group has apparently been using the Mulmaster contingent as an unwitting guide the past few months. Content to operate in the periphery until now, the departure of Vilo’s expedition has forced their hand and brought the action to a head. Pormet Truehammer was apparently tortured and killed several nights ago, shortly after Vilo and much of clan Truehammer set off for parts unknown. Drannon Truehammer, the youngest clan member, discovered Pormet and was finally convinced by Gregor to spill the entire story.

Gregor knows a bit of the history of Rokee himself and believes that tho only likely remaining settlement in reach would be Breaker’s Haven. He wants you to escort his emissary to Breaker’s Haven and initiate negotiations. Dwarves are keen on lawful authority, so Gregor’s emissary will carry more weight than Vilo. However, dwarves are also fond of bold success. If Gregor is caught unaware and Vilo were to return with emissaries from Breaker’s Haven, it would seriously undermine Gregor’s authority with his own people as well as in the eyes of the dwarves of Breaker’s Haven.

All of this was explained to the party by Duke Redbeard, Baron Blackshoe and Sir Lowell. The party was bidden to consult with the druid Jason Farlan the next day and to provision themselves for the journey and be ready to depart in two days. On the way from the Baron’s office, the party was set upon by a group of thugs backed by a mage. After an intense skirmish in which two assailants escaped, the party interrogated a pair of captives.



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