Current Quests:

Escort Wilmon Groundbreaker to Breaker's Haven
 * Vilo Truehammer is leading most of Clan Truehammer in an attempt to reconnect with the 
   dwarves of the homeland in order to usurp Gregor Redbeard's power.
 * Gregor Redbeard was granted the fief of Rimevale and is the legitimate leader from the
   standpoint of the King of Vesperin.
 * Regardless of the wishes of the Vesperin nobility, Rimevale is a border town and not 
   high on Vesperin's list of "Places to spend resources."  Accordingly, if Vilo Truehammer 
   were to successfully make contact with another tribe of dwarves and secure 
   reinforcements, he could become the de-facto leader of Rimevale.
 * Dwarves respect both successful action and legitimate authority.  As long as Gregor's 
   representative, Wilmon, arrives soon after (or before) Vilo, the legality of Gregor's 
   title _should _ trump Vilo's claim.
 * The diamond find in the mines raises everyone's interest level.  Gregor received a 
   patent of nobility of Vesperin.  Vilo enlisted a (criminal) patron from Mulmaster.  A 
   third faction led by a hobgoblin necromancer seems to be involved, though whether the 
   diamond find is the driving force there is unknown.
Petunia's Plight
 * Certain of the winter fey are severely pissed at Lantfeust for destroying Winter's Heart.
 * As the only elf in the party that ventured to Draigdurroch's Tower, Lantfeust earned 
   that ire by default.  He fanned the flame by setting fire to a forest.  While certain
   more resonable fey know that Lantfeust is not particularly blameworthy, they see him as
   a tool to steer their bloodthirsty kin and to achieve some assistance at the same time.
 * A night hag cursed Lantfeust.  He is slowly losing his elf-ness.  He is tasked with 
   replacing Winter's Heart or somehow otherwise containing the rift it was countering.
 * The rift has been more active since Winter's Heart was destroyed.  Wilmon Groundbreaker
   is a dwarven priest and can sense it.  It is definetely underground.  
 * Both arcane and divine magic is being affected, but arcane magic is more volatile while
   divine seems damped.

Completed Quests:

Draigdurroch's Tower
 * Destroyed the Heart of Winter, staving off potentially disasterous weather for the 
   farmers of Rimevale.
 * REALLY pissed off certain members of the feywild who had set up the Heart of Winter to 
   contain a rift between the mortal world, the feywild and ???
 * Destroyed many clues, but managed to recover a few:
 * Ramis "earned" the title "Deskbane."
Clear Mine Section
 * Successfully cleared a section of the Rimevale mines for renewed work.
 * Discovered evidence that a necromancer had infiltrated the mine from another direction.
Locate missing patrol
 * located as captured by a hobgoblin necromancer and sold into slavery.
 * made the acquaintance of Kobbiskemsko; a young copper dragon who was underwhelmed.
Escort Jelvo's caravan to Rimevale
 * Rescued Hanson's Ferry from goblins
 * Discovered Hobgoblin plot to isolate Rimevale.


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