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Lily's Log 1

Dear Journal,

Today was not a good day. Let me start with saying that as soon as we went to bed, since we were pretty exhausted after fighting those ankhegs and defeating that forest, these voices started to talk. Or that’s what everyone else says. I don’t believe it.

When I woke up, I was decidedly less elf-like. Round ears, body hair, worse eyesight. And I fear other changes might have occured to me as well. Deep changes. Changes affecting me on the inside. Like making it so I only have two kidneys.

Dixon was overjoyed, though everyone else was a little freaked out. They’re probably a little humophobic is all. I’m sure once they get to know the real me they’ll realize that I’m still the same person I’ve always been. Just with a different outlook on life.

I’m pretty sure that in order to turn back I’ll need to repair some rift by building a tower and growing a yeti. But that seems silly.

We continud on our quest to help the dwarves regardless of my plight, which makes sense, seeing as there’s nothing one can do to help me just now. We eventually arrived at a cave where this white dragon attacked, screaming about an egg. Naturally we engaged it in self defense after trying to reason with it, for there’s no reason to indiscriminatly attack intelligent creatures without a good reason. After ascertaining that it was indeed a threat we began our battle. As it threw magic and ice at us I attempted to draw it away from my fellows so that they could deal with that threat first without having to worry about a dragon attacking them. After the other dispatched the ice creatures (as I knew they would, being that they’re regularly effective) we turned our full attention on the dragon, who, after being wounded enough, fled the scene. I only hope that we scared it enoguh that it won’t come back and force us to kill it.

My respite is over now and I must continue. These dwarves wait for no man. And lately, that includes me.



You need to fix it as Petunia’s log!…lol…again….

Lily's Log 1

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